Hi! Love your post!

Would love to connect. I write about many of the things you talk about, and try to focus them around events I have experienced. I also write book reviews on subjects that allow me to talk about some events or how I have gained my perspectives.

I offer a free mini-book called Synchronicity, Documented on my blog, and I also published a book on Kindle about an event that helped me understand why people resonate with different belief systems.

I have a FB group called Books Everyone Should Read to Know Thyself & Others (which isn't very active, but it has some good info).

And I received a wonderful comment from John Horgan on my most recent Medium post, Spaceship Consciousness, about the first chapter of his online book, Mind-Body Problems. He said, "Wow, I love your essay, it may be my favorite response to Mind-Body Problems."

Feminist. Single mom. Never dreamed I’d be sharing things I’ve come to understand @ God. E-book: Critical Revelations in the Realm of Contemporary Spirituality

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