I googled a couple of articles and didn’t see anything that would have caused me to write the review any differently. I was writing the review about the book, not Peck. In any case, I assumed from what he said in the book many times, which I share at the end of my review, is that we always need to look at ourselves first because no one is perfect.

From what I can see Peck is a brilliant man, and I felt that the observations he made in People of the Lie are symptomatic of what the world is experiencing today. I believe it is always important to try to increase our understanding, but I was also careful to note that the book had some language that was offensive (which I believe is due to the time it was written), and that some people would probably feel that his beliefs were challenging, but I hoped that they could separate those out from his core message.

Feminist. Single mom. Never dreamed I’d be sharing things I’ve come to understand @ God. E-book: Critical Revelations in the Realm of Contemporary Spirituality

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