I was 39 when I had an experience that rocked my world, but it took another four years for me to know that God exists. I carried that with me, wondering, but after the second event occurred, I could no longer deny that God exists.

I spent the next 10 years ignoring both of those events, thinking I was supposed to be writing about other things like women’s issues, abuse, etc. I was afraid to tell people what had happened in my life. Then in 2012 after I had shifted the direction of my writing a number of times, I experienced a third event that pushed me to shift it again, to share the stories.

I believe everyone will experience events that will enable them to realize that God exists, but I also believe for some people it may happen near the end of their lives. So everyone has to recognize the roadblocks in their path, honor them, and figure out what they need to be doing, instead. If it isn’t your path to tell people about God, what is it you need to be doing? It’s not supposed to be easy to figure this out.

The world needs people who will question everything as much as they need people who share the astronomically improbable events that make someone like me spend every moment of their spare time trying to reach people to tell them what I have experienced and what I have learned.

One of the events enabled me to see how many of the “spiritual” belief systems contradict other “spiritual” beliefs. I have been able to see where some of the concepts come from by running across some information I read ten years ago, where I made a brief note and found it again after gaining more knowledge. Some of the things I have learned are pieced together from books I was given at random, helping me understand where some of the ideas are coming from and why so many people believe and follow them. Some of them have appeared in ways I never dreamed could be possible: out of the mouths of my children, my midwife, a stranger on the bus, during events I was unsure about attending because I was so depressed.

I have been seeing God in the beauty of things that I was led to believe were impossible. But those kinds of things can happen anywhere, at any time. It could be happening right now in your life and you might not realize what is happening for another ten or twenty years.

So do what you believe is right for you. That’s all you need to do, and I believe through that you will see God when God believes you are ready.

I hope you might consider checking out what I have to share. I have an ebook on Kindle about the understanding I gained about “spiritual” beliefs I mentioned above. I have free mini-book on my blog about synchronicity I have been able to document that includes events that revolve around Carl Jung, The Police rock band, the ancient Egyptian god, Horus, and the concept of zeitgeist. And I have shared a little information here.

Feminist. Single mom. Never dreamed I’d be sharing things I’ve come to understand @ God. E-book: Critical Revelations in the Realm of Contemporary Spirituality

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