Religion is part of our history, and perhaps we should teach it that way.

Since people in most countries now come from many different faith-based traditions, many people think we should be teaching children about all of them, and I think we should make it clear that some of it is historical information and some of it is current.

That would show the majority of people that yes, people who also believe in a force that some call God share many of the same beliefs about morality. I would think it would be important to say that this doesn’t mean this belief or that one is right or wrong, you say those ideas created the framework for our laws, which are still being sorted out.

It’s nice to see that you are interested in Jung. I am, too. I have experienced a number of different types of mystical events, which have included premonitions, profound synchronicity, and guidance. After years of hearing mostly about different kinds of “spiritual” beliefs that didn’t align with what I was experiencing, I finally found my way to Jung’s quote in his interview by The Listener, “I don’t believe, I know.”

I finally found someone who had been experiencing something close to what I have been experiencing, but not the exact same thing because my experiences are not directly related to my dreams, at least not that I know of since I hardly ever remember them.

Around the same time, I was led to information that helped me understand where many current “spiritual” beliefs systems come from, and I published a book about that experience. It led me to Myers-Briggs, which I am happy to see you have some interest in.

It has been incredibly hard to talk about those findings because so many people are dismissive of MB, but it isn’t that I believe MB is an infallible truth, it is that what I found relates directly to some of the language that is being used by many people in “spiritual” communities, and when I applied my best shot at typing one of the most popular “spiritual gurus,” I was amazed at what I found.

I believe I will consistently type as INTP for the rest of my life. Not sure I would have typed myself that way when I was younger, but it would depend on how far back I went. I have more thoughts on what MB has shown us and how it compares to other personality typing systems, and I plan to write about that at some point.

I saw your post a couple of days ago and hesitated to click on it, but I’m glad I did today. I will look forward to reading more of your work.

Feminist. Single mom. Never dreamed I’d be sharing things I’ve come to understand @ God. E-book: Critical Revelations in the Realm of Contemporary Spirituality

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